Why You Shouldn’t Delegate Your Social Media To An Intern

Those of us who work in marketing, specifically social media marketing, are quite sensitive towards our jobs. All of you who work in the social media space will be more than familiar with the following questions:

“Don’t you just go on Facebook all day?”
“Twitter and Facebook? That’s not a real job, right?”


And all of you fellow marketeers will know how wrong they all are. We are growth strategists looking for the next big thing to go viral, constantly scouring the web for the latest trend, and the latest comment that will just blow everything out of the water for our social media audience that day. Our days are busy, from start to finish.

So for those social media execs that dedicate an enormous amount of time to the social media cause, it’s an insult when so many companies feel that they can save money by getting an intern to run the ‘company accounts’. No offence to interns of course, they’re awesome and bring a much needed fresh perspective!

But social media is SO much more than just updating X number of times a day. It’s about building a strategy, conveying a brand voice, reinforcing those brand touch points so that all aspects of your brand is integrated effectively.

To put it simply, it works the same as any other arm of your marketing strategy. You wouldn’t leave a CRM strategy, or a high profile advertising campaign to an intern as an afterthought, so why leave your equally as high profile social media accounts?

Your social media channels are more than a box to be ticked off a list. They need to be planned, nurtured and executed properly if you want to see the results that they can truly produce. As the amazing power ballad queen, Celine Dion, once said, think twice.


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