Digital Marketing: 3 Reasons Why It’s So Important

An online presence now is crucial to a companies marketing strategy, although most of the companies that we speak with don’t realise why. It is so much more than just a box ticking exercise. We have put together three reasons why a digital marketing strategy is so important for standing out from your competition.

1. Social media ranks higher in search engines now

Speaking of box-ticking, social media is the perfect example. Many small businesses sign up to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and whatever else as a requirement upon start-up, but many businesses are not using it to it’s full potential. Time restraints and lack of understanding of the demographics are some common reasons for social media not working for certain companies.

For those businesses that do get it right, they reap the benefits of higher rankings in search engines.

Blog posts, content, social media channels all help you to appear higher, thus giving you a credible reputation. Of course, these channels need to be updated in order to maintain this higher ranking status.

2. Go mobile

Regardless of where you are, when you look around these days you see tonnes of people staring at their smart phones. With life becoming more fast paced, and everything switching to mobile, it makes sense to optimise your websites, emails and online marketing channels for this purpose.

Your digital marketing presence needs to be able to go mobile, otherwise you risk getting left behind and appearing outdated in comparison to your competitors. It is not enough to simply rely on desktop anymore – mobile optimisation is crucial.

3. On the ball and ‘in the moment’ content

Content is king. This is a phrase you are probably familiar with if you have spoken to any Digital Marketing Manager’s recently. Gone are the days when you could just send a direct mail campaign of your latest discount or promotion.

Customers these days have so many options to consider, that it is crucial that you stand out from the crowd by providing knowledgeable content online.

Not only does it make you more discoverable on the web, but in reality would you rather buy from someone who appeared to know nothing about their product, or someone who appeared to know everything.


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