Social Media Marketing: Why Your B2B Needs It

Social media is a no-brainer in the B2C world – it is expected, a necessity, a source of credibility for potential new customers, and a way of engaging current customers. But why is it that some B2B’s push so little into their social media strategies?

One of the common arguments against investing in social media resources for B2B businesses is that it doesn’t drive conversion, and it doesn’t easily show ROI. True – it does not. But did you also know that this issue is the same in B2C? The purpose of social media isn’t too convert, it is too increase awareness and enable a dialogue amongst interested and relevant parties.

Once you start to view social media from a different angle, you begin to see the benefits to B2B organisations. So, that is why we have put together three simple reasons why B2B organisations should be including social media marketing into their overall communication strategies:

1.Search Engine Optimisation

seoSocial media marketing is not designed to be an instant success. Nor will it generate immediate profit or results, and it will most certainly take time to grow your social media accounts into something worth shouting about. But – on this long journey, you will also be investing in your SEO strategy, which will pay dividends in the future. Research suggests that using social media can improve your business search engine rankings, which ultimately drives more traffic to your website, resulting in a higher number of potential leads. SEO algorithms are always being updated, and social media is just another one of the things you should be doing, to ensure that you don’t get left behind.

2. Trust and Education

We’ll be blunt now – a lot of B2B organisations actually sell some pretty boring stuff. Now, imagine that you have been tasked with searching for this really boring stuff by your boss, would you want to engage with a website with no social media links or content? OR would you trust the website where someone has linked to social media, a blog with product guides and recommendations, a Twitter account with an actual human being answering queries? Social media doesn’t have to be filled with innovative campaigns with the aim of going viral, it can simply act as a trust symbol. An indicator to buyers that there is someone behind the shop window, and that those behind it are passionate enough to write and deliver content about the most boring (yet necessary) solutions out there. If you show you are passionate about your product, your customers will soon follow.

3. Individuals Run Companies

socialmediaSometimes it’s easy to group B2B companies as a single entity with no personality, unlike in the B2C market where you are envisioning a specific profile or person that you are selling too. Remember that individuals are running these B2B companies, individuals who probably spend their evenings carrying out research on things that interest them (sometimes this might even be based on their occupation!). B2B companies have the opportunity to catch their customers in a different time, with content and communications, that aren’t so ‘in-your-face’ and ‘salesy’. Individuals run companies, and individuals frequent the same places that a B2C customer would.


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