Email Marketing: Why Your B2B Needs It

Email marketing is alive and well!

That’s right, even with modern marketing methods such as social media, mobile apps and virtual reality, email marketing still generates a large portion of revenue for many organisations.

B2B organisations especially reap the benefits of email marketing – with it acting as a critical tool to engage with customers in the correct stage of the buyer process. Here we take a look at three of the main benefits of using email marketing to your B2B organisation:

1. Measurable


Unlike some other marketing methods, email marketing is incredibly measurable and trackable. You can see exactly who has opened your emails, who has clicked through to your website, and what products or types of information a certain customer is interested in.

These types of insights are so important for marketers, and can provide for effective follow-up marketing, which can lead to some serious conversion opportunities. The fact that email marketing is measurable is so important for B2B businesses – mainly because there is a much higher reliance on ROI and justification of marketing spend in the B2B industry, whereas the mind set in B2C can be different.

2. Content Sells

Email marketing doesn’t necessarily mean sending out an email which outlines your products and services, with a call to action button saying “buy now”. It can also mean developing a content marketing strategy to integrate with your email communications, giving your customers knowledge and insight into a specific industry. For example, if you are a business loans company, don’t just send out an email outlining your loans. Instead, send a newsletter discussing why business loans are so useful to business.

This allows you to build trust, gives the recipient something interesting and relevant to read, and it stops them from pressing the unsubscribe button immediately, giving you chance to build an effective buyer-seller relationship.

3. Targeting

One of the perks of email marketing is that it is cost-effective, whilst also allowing you to precisely target a desired audience. Where social media allows you to communicate with the masses, email instead allows you to easily create tailored campaigns which will allow you to profile your customers, and direct your marketing messages to the appropriate recipients.

The ability to segment and target is so important for B2B’s. It enables for targeting the decision makers with one campaign, and targeting a group of influencers in industry with another.


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