How Will Predictive Segmentation Change Email Marketing?

Email marketing is rapidly becoming more automated, with auto-trigger sends being favoured for prompt, reactive customer engagement. With basket abandonment being such a huge issue for online store retailers, it’s no surprise that automated email is taking over.

However, marketers are now faced with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, and the new levels of automation that now present themselves. For example, the notion of predictive segmentation, which will ultimately speed up the targeting of customers, something which up until now has been a manual and arduous tasks to those businesses with smaller CRM resource.

Salesforce, a popular email campaign management tool, caught onto this view, and developed ‘Salesforce Einstein’. A tool which allows businesses to tap into their customer databases and automatically discover relevant insights, predict future behaviour, recommend next actions, as well as impressively automating tasks.

This tool does not just target the customer database as groups, it focuses on single customers, ultimately giving fully personalised segmentation. Something which most CRM and email departments simply do not have the time to do, especially when considering extremely large databases.

It’s this type of AI that really speaks to 2017 marketing departments, where the need for personalised customers efforts is higher than ever before. Reeha Alder-Shah, Managing Partner of DARE recently stated, “One of the biggest digital marketing trends for 2017 will be the rise in brands trying to create content that connects with audiences in more personal, relevant ways… This won’t come from a new piece of technology, but through brands and marketers simply using data better.

While Alder-Shah suggests that this will not come from technology, Salesforce have cleverly managed to merge technology with the advanced data analysis desired. A combination which could provide many businesses with incredible opportunities moving into the new AI age.

Whilst the analysis of data through an AI method may provide a significant challenge to the ‘human marketer’, industry professionals do believe that there is a necessity for AI to be overseen by a ‘real-life person’. With many suggesting that the AI will simply be optimising the data and content that the ‘human marketer’ has created.

Ultimately though, AI is going to change the face of email marketing, allowing marketers full, in-depth access to databases that they have otherwise only been able to scratch the surface of.


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