4 Tips For SMEs In An AI World

Adopting artificial intelligence (AI) is fundamentally no different than deploying actionable data, or even making the switch from paper processes to email and digital processes, a generation before that.

It’s important to normalise the idea of using AI.

It’s not a job destroying, sentient being that teams should be afraid of; it’s using apps that learn how to gain efficiencies over time. And these apps will be used more and more in the coming years.

“A lot of what AI is being used for today only scratches the surface of what can be done,” Babak Hodjat, co-founder and chief scientist at Sentient Technologies, tells Investor’s Business Daily. “It will become so ubiquitous that we won’t even call it AI anymore.”

There are many companies that offer business intelligence solutions that allow basic functions to be completed efficiently and effectively. Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) can benefit too from AI, even though it might seem unnecessary and out of reach for some.

Here are some ways SMEs can benefit from the emerging technologies:

  • Reporting, online analytical processing, data mining, and bench-marking, to help the business understand better the different variables that affect its performance and progress.
  • Small businesses can actually benefit from AI technology to help reduce the costs of running the organisation
  • AI software can complete repetitive tasks to allow humans to concentrate on other creative duties, something which is of huge importance to small businesses where time, people and resource is everything!
  • It provides actionable intelligence which helps drive better revenues towards the business.

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