3 Easy Ways To Segment Your Email Marketing Lists

For some small companies, email marketing can get overlooked. And it’s not because small business owners don’t realise the benefit, it’s because they simply don’t have enough time to create consistent mailers.

For those that do find the time, ad-hoc messages are favoured, and the audience tends to be the entire database for the sake of ease.

However, sending to all can have a detrimental effect on your marketing efforts. Pushing the wrong messages to inactive email users, or old email addresses, can really affect your sender reputation. Also, sending the same message to everyone increases your likelihood of alienating certain customers, and boosting unsubscribe rates with incorrect communications.


Here we take a look some basic email marketing segmentation criteria you can use, that won’t take a great deal of time, and that will help to maximise your email marketing efforts.

1. Geographic segmentation

This is pretty self-explanatory – segmenting based on geographic location i.e county, country, city, time-zone, etc. Customers respond well to things that are most relevant to them, so if you can provide them a service close to their doorstep, they’ll be more likely to engage. Also, it shows that you have a basic understanding of the customer you are serving.

2. Basic interests

This works especially well in B2C and e-commerce – segmenting based on interests and prior purchases. So if your customer regular shops for one brand of sour beer for example, why not offer them an alternative sour beer brand. This shows them that you are interested in their interests, and increases the chance of conversion. It is also quite basic segmentation, and could give you a decent opportunity to up-sell to an alternative product.

3. Behaviour based segmentation

Imagine you have a group of loyal customers that always spend between £100 – £200 on weight loss meals, every month, on your online store. Their behaviour is predictable. You know that they’ll need the weight loss meals again next month,so why not beat them to the punch and email them with a loyalty offer, and seize the opportunity to up-sell.


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