Why You Should Be Using Medium

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, YouTube, the list goes on. These are all marketing platforms that we know we should be using. But in some industries, are those platforms enough? Enter Medium.com

Medium is the perfect platform for writing, channelling your opinions, keeping it real with CEO’s of huge companies, and more! If you’re not using it already, here are five reasons why you should be:

1.Reach a new audience

EVERYONE* is on Twitter these days (*possible exaggeration here). Medium allows you to get ahead of your competitors, engage with new audiences, and really hit a demographic that could prove to be crucial towards your product or service.

2. People actually care what you have to say

Medium is full of people from different walks of life, different professions, and people who really want to spread encouragement for the words you have to say! It’s a space to talk about things, with your job title and company attached, without fear of stigma or a worry for your reputation. It’s open, friendly, transparent and people want to know what you have to say.

3. It’s pretty easy

Making an attractive post on Medium couldn’t be easier! You simply click the ‘write a story’ button in the right hand corner and away you go. Literally. That’s it. You can embed images quickly and easily, set eye catching headings, and overall your whole story will convey the modern, fresh vibe that Medium encompasses.

4. It could be perfect for your industry

There are a lot of hot industries on Medium right now. FinTech, developers, virtual currency folk – you’ll find all of those over at Medium. If you do some research, you could find that this platform is perfect for your alternative industry so don’t overlook it.

5. Get social media followers from somewhere new

All of the above can help you to increase your social media following and grab new customers and followers from a different location. Medium gives you an opportunity to engage with your audience in a more in-depth way, that the likes of Twitter doesn’t allow as a micro-blogging site.


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