3 Clever digital advertising campaigns that will inspire you.

1. Lego: Build Your Future

Lego has had a special talent through the years when it comes to making enchanting artwork, their new campaign does not disappoint either. The ads feature children physically building their dream careers around themselves, in this case the careers are an astronaut, rock star and a fireman. The adverts do well to capture the essence of a child’s personal aspirations and creates the building blocks to inspire a generation into building whatever life they want, as well as ensuring their parents buy plenty of Lego to build their future selves.

Image result for lego build your future ad

2. Chupa Chups: It’s Sugar Free

It shows a trail of ants going around a Chupa Chups lollipop instead of going towards it. Implying that it’s no longer good enough for them! Whereas LEGO went for the inspiring route, Chupa Chups went true to their fun and bubbly brand identity and went for humour. The ad itself is appropriate for viewers of all ages, is cleverly created and the direction is easy and uncomplicated to understand. 

Image result for chupa chups its sugar free ad campaign

3. Volkswagen: Precision Parking

Here is our final choice for you! As you can see there is a hedgehog in a very compromising position, will the goldfish last the day? It’s alright though, it’s using Volkswagen’s new precision parking system, so everyone is safe from the spines of the hedgehog. We love this ad because of how intelligently it has been created! You don’t have to see a brands products to be convinced to switch to them!

Image result for volkswagen precision parking ad analysis

In Summary

Carrying on from my last point about not always needing to see a brands products. The latest trends in marketing have seen a huge shift towards storytelling as a tool for consumer attention. This has led to more personal and intelligent advertising! Although, this is not as easy as it sounds. Marketers need to know how their audience behaves, spends their time, and what kind of content they most want to see! All of this leads to a more native and successful ad.


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